Covid-19 Safety Policy

Safety Of Our Students & Staff Is Our Top Priority

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Harbor Child Care is committed to ensuring the health and safety of students, families and staff during the COVID-19 crisis. We are following the requirements of the CDC, NYSDOH, and the NYS Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), as well as following social distancing guidelines and new safety standards to help protect Harbor during these unprecedented times. Our staff wears protective facial coverings throughout the day. Cleaning and disinfecting occurs before the children arrive in the morning and after they leave in the afternoon and additional cleaning service is done in the evening.



The following procedures are in place at all Harbor Child Care Locations.

(based on CDC guidelines)


1) EVERYONE will have their temperature taken prior to entering the building.

2) EVERYONE who enters the building MUST wear a face covering.

3) No one, including parents are allowed to enter the building. The ONLY people allowed in the building are Harbor Child Care teachers/staff members, and children.

a. Parents will only be allowed to come to the front doors.


4) Stay home if you are sick!

a. If anyone who comes to work and is deemed ill, i.e. fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc., you will be sent home IMMEDIATELY.

b. If a child gets sick during the day they will be moved from the classroom to the nurse’s office. No sick child can stay in their room including infants.


5) Everyone must cover your cough and sneezes.


6) Frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.

a. Teachers will do a deeper cleaning first thing in the morning and it will be the last task before leaving to go home.


7) Hands MUST be washed throughout the day. Using soap and water is the best method to keep hands clean. If that is not available, one must use an alcohol based hand sanitizer (at least 70% alcohol).


8) Social distancing protocols must be followed at all times, at least 6 feet between people, desks, etc.


9) Temperatures will be taken a second time around lunchtime to monitor any potential symptoms.


10) Outside play will be staggered so that every class gets plenty of opportunity for fresh air.  It will be only one classroom at a time.


11) The playground will also be cleaned after each classroom visit.


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