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Harbor Child Care at Glen Cove welcomes children from twelve weeks through twelve years of age. Our full capacity across all programming is 140, with staff ratios in accordance to NYS Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) regulations. The Glen Cove Center is located in a beautiful building! The center includes new furniture for students and staff, large classroom spaces, newly painted hallways and classrooms, stunning wall murals painted by a parent who is a professional artist and a playground space used by children of all ages at the center.

Our Glen Cove center offers services from 6:45am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday year-round. There is over 10,000 square feet with 11 classrooms dedicated to learning and socialization with an outdoor playspace. Children receive two nutritious meals and snack throughout their day that are prepared on-site and using the highest quality of ingredients. Children with allergies and/or specific dietary needs are accommodated accordingly. We are also a peanut free facility.

Center Director

Erica Giddens
(516) 277-2123

Erica Giddens is the Center Director of Harbor Child Care in Glen Cove. Erica ensures that all the daily operations of the Center run smoothly and efficiently for children, families and staff. She strives to provide the children with a safe, healthy, loving environment to learn and grow.  Erica holds 17 years of experience in the early childhood education field and is very passionate about the development of the children.

 Address & Contact Info

Harbor Child Care • Glen Cove
49 Forest Avenue, Glen Cove, NY 11542
Phone: (516) 277-2123
Fax: (516) 277-2124
Hours: 6:45am - 6:00pm • Monday thru Friday

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 Enrolling Your Children At Harbor Glen Cove

If you are interested in enrolling your child at Harbor Glen Cove and would like to schedule a tour of our center, please fill out the following form to get started. Once you have completed online pre-registration, our center director will contact you to discuss your needs and can schedule a tour at a time and date that is convenient to you.

 Reviews From Our Parents (Read reviews of our Glen Cove center online)

My son has been attending Harbor Child Care in Glen Cove since he was an infant. I was thrilled with his teachers then and continue to be with the teachers in his toddler class. He is always happy to go to school in the morning and always playing happily when I pick him up. He seems to be learning daily and enjoying getting to know the other children. Any time I’ve had to communicate with the office staff it has been an easy and pleasurable experience. I recommend them and plan to keep my son there until he moves on to elementary school.

I wanted to take the time to review this facility b/c I know a lot of parents rely on this. I've been sending my son to Harbor Child Care since he was 3 months old. As a new parent, I was extremely worried about strangers taking care of my baby for the majority of the day. Unfortunately, my wife and I do not have family nearby to help us. From day 1, the staff made me feel extremely comfortable with the care they would give to my son. They are very caring, understanding and attentive. Whenever I drop my son off @ 7AM, he smiles at the teachers and opens his arms to be carried by them. It was a comforting feeling for me that my newborn is so receptive to the teachers, which confirms they are doing a great job. I would definitely recommend this day care to any parent.

My child attends this day care and so far I can not say enough good things, she went to a different day care prior to Harbor which as a parent I was not pleased with and there is no comparison to how well she is taken care of by the staff at Harbor. I would recommend the facility and actually have told friends about how great the facility is.

My child was in the Glen Cove (previous Sea Cliff) Harbor program beginning at 3 months. Being in the program has helped her become comfortable in group settings. She thrived in the daily routines and structure the center provided and has become a great listener. Her communication skills developed on the earlier side (she has no siblings) due to the basic sign language she learned in the infant room added to the constant stimulation of the other toddlers and teachers around her as she grew. My family would absolutely consider Harbor to friends in the area.

I could not be happier knowing my toddler spends his days at Harbor Child Care. The staff takes great care getting to know each child and their family. My child engages in different and exciting activities daily. We are so grateful for the friendly and educational environment Harbor has provided us!

Harbor Child Care has been a fantastic experience for my 2 year old thus far! The facility, the administrative staff and, most importantly, the teachers have all been wonderful! I look forward to watching my son learn and grow there.

As a new mom I did my research to look for the best place to leave my 18 months baby boy, I didn't like the in-home care or the other centers in town. I asked a lady on the parking lot before entering Harbor child care and she gave me the best review!!! Once I entered the facility I was amazed by the caring of the staff! My baby could experienced a transition day of 3 hours to adapt and the principal answered every questions and concerns I had! I called twice the first full day and visited twice the first week just to check on him while he was on his nap time! When I picked him up he hugs his teachers and every morning pointed at the door and said "mommy finds (friends)?" Now he is already two and a half and name every teacher when we pray at night (if your baby remembers his teacher's name at night may be because he got good memories with them). My younger son is also going to GC Harbor Child Care and I am pretty confident leaving him with his teacher... Once he sees her he giggles and opens his arms to be held by her! They always call me if they get a scratch while playing and tell me in detailed no matter how many times I ask... So many good things to say about this center... The best place for my kids :)

G.C. Harbor Child Care is the best daycare I’ve found in town!!! Their prices are great and their hours of operation have got to be the best around. The whole entire staff is very friendly and I especially love the staff in the Pre Kindergarten , and so does my daughter Dihanna. I would definitely recommend them to ANYONE. 😊 Thanks for all your hard work 📓✏️🖍🖌and great care for my daughter. The excellent facility 🏚and personnel have always provided me with a great feeling of pride that I chose G.C. Harbor Child Care for daycare. The competent and loving people that work here will always keep a warm feeling in my heart.❤️ The people are what make this daycare what it is today. I will always feel good about bringing my daughter here for care. The curriculum for learning is great and diverse and very on the point of the teachings I like for my daughter. Well, that’s about it.🙋🏽 You are the BEST at what you do. Thanks again😊

Preparing Our Children For Kindergarten

The pre-kindergarten program at Harbor Child Care provides a supportive environment for all students. Our teacher-to-student ratio enables us to focus on the needs of each individual child within a carefully planned curriculum. Harbor Child Care employs The Creative Curriculum®, which is a widely known and respected research-based curriculum with clearly defined educational objectives. Every day is a learning adventure in our prekindergarten classrooms where children are encouraged and taught to become independent thinkers. Harbor Child Care addresses all of the important areas of learning through play, and focuses on challenging children appropriately through their developmental ages and stages. Educational programing becomes more structured and offers children an opportunity to maximize their ability to succeed.

The daily schedule provides a consistent structure to the day; allowing for the development of routines and rituals. However, it permits the flexibility and openness to follow children's interest and address their needs. The curriculum encourages and supports a balance of free choice and teacher guided activities and allows time for small and large group activities. Learning through play offers children hands on experiences to develop problem solving skills, social skills and creative expression. Math, technology, science, and art components are strongly emphasized and are incorporated throughout the entire day through fun learning activities.

Community Matters In Glen Cove, NY

Glen Cove is a unique community in Nassau County with its broad-based cultural, ethnic, religious and socio-economic diversity of its residents. People choose to live, work and attend school in Glen Cove intentionally because of this special quality. Harbor Child Care at Glen Cove applauds Glen Cove's character as we seek an early childhood center that reflects the Glen Cove community. For families that can benefit from tuition scholarships and social services assistance to others that can afford our reasonable rates, we provide the highest quality of instruction for every child in our first-rate early childhood setting.

We also offer a school-age program for local elementary school youngsters with a morning session before school and an afternoon session until 6:00p.m. Both sessions provide bus transportation to the elementary schools in the morning and from the elementary schools in the afternoon. Our nine-week summer camp for children from ages 6-12 includes fantastic activities and local trips at extremely reasonable rates.